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Research project title:

Stages of disclosure: The role of social media on the identity development of transgender individuals


Cinar​ Aydogan


Prof. Jennifer Harding


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London Metropolitan University
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Cinar Aydogan is a PhD student at London Metropolitan University. His areas of expertise include online marketing and digital media. His work focuses on the impact of social media in the identity development of transgender individuals, focusing on the different stages of identity disclosure. 


Social Media is one way people use to connect with others; it offers a platform to explore LGBTQ+ identity in a "safe space". Transgender people can "come out" to their online communities before they do in "real life". The "online disinhibition effect" (Suler, 2004) explains how a lack of face-to-face interactions and the anonymity provided by the internet can lead to increased self-disclosure. The extent to which Social Media affects identity disclosure is largely unexplored. This research investigates issues that trans* people face in establishing and validating their identity through online disclosure and the impact that using social media has on the "coming out"-experience of trans* individuals. 


Participants are under no obligations to participate in the survey. The survey is completely voluntary. The participant has the right to stop the survey and their participation without any consequences at any time. The obtained information and data will be treated with confidentiality.

This research first obtained ethical approval from the Ethics Review Panel at London Metropolitan University in March 2020. Additions have been made to the ethics form with consideration of participants and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2021, which also obtained ethical approval.